American Empire

   (R)evolution in Film 


“A PROVOCATIVE FILM. It makes you think. Your points are made strongly.
I have to commend you on a very well done movie.“
~ Oliver Stone

"(R)evolution in Film!"
~ Huffington Post

"The first film to connect the dots."

American Empire is a film that talks about the political machine. Its more than a journalistic approach. It brings to light the revolving door between Wall Street and Washington where politicians are bought and paid for by big money. It puts light on how corporate plunder all to easily destroys the Environment for profit. It brings to light that catastrophes like the Santa Barbara oil spill, the BP oil spill, fracking, and toxic chemicals corporations are exposing us to and the correlation on the increase in cancers and heath issues, destroying our families especially in low income areas. It brings to light that there are answers and urges us to get involved in our community to stand up to injustice.

  "The most controversial movie of the year
...and quite possibly the decade!"

" A gripping provocative analysis of the current state of the U.S.. 

The film clearly and concisely presents unpalatable facts"   ~ Screen Daily


"This unstoppable tide of our collective awakening has brought forth a documentary overturning everything we thought we knew and urging us towards our momentous planetary destiny..." ~  Helen Downs